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  • Xmas Daily Finds

Madeit Gift Guide

New Items

Deluxe Personalised Letter from Santa - Truly Unique!
Deluxe Personalised Letter from Santa - Truly Unique!
Convertible Fingerless Gloves custom made to order
Plastic Bag Holder - Cotton Reels
Plastic Bag Holder - Cup of Tea!!
Set of 4 - Cloth Dinner Napkins - Emerald Cotton Crossweave 17 in (43cm) square
Personalised Storage Carry Cases - Kids Gifts - Little Red Riding Hood
Christmas Mason Jar Cookie Mix
Santa's Mason Jar Cookie Mix (makes 12 cookies)
Handmade Baby Bib - Skulls
Handmade Baby Bib - Woodland
Handmade Baby Bib - Winnie the Pooh Unisex
Handmade Baby Bib - Cute Birdcage
Handmade Baby Bib - Roses on Blue
Handmade Baby Bib - Teddy Bear Pink
Handmade Baby Bib - Baby Animals
Brindle French Bulldog Christmas Ornament
Pied French Bulldog Christmas Ornament