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Madeit Gift Guide

New Items

Orange and Earthy Mixed Bead Necklace
Bright and Funky Resin Necklace
Lilac and Glitter Gold Save the Date Invitation
Buzz Lightyear Theme Cupcake Toppers
Rustic Typography Save the Date Invitation
Clearance sale Fabric Bangles, bracelet.Choose a fabric.Pink & Red
Xmas gift!
Statement Necklace - Teal and Multi-Coloured Resin Beads
Engagement/ Wedding 'And they lived happily ever after' Arrow Timber/ Wooden Sig
Rustic Typography Wedding Invitation
Teal Tear Drop Resin Beaded Bracelet
"6-letter-name" bunting banner flag decorations
Congratulations Card - Cream
1x Apple Pin Cushion
1x Pear Pin Cushion
Handmade Greeting Card - Age Card - 2 GLITTER FLOWERS
Vintage Dress Christmas
Gift Tags x 8
Cherry Red Resin Beaded Bracelet.
Clearance sale Fabric Bangles, bracelet.Choose a fabric.Orange Green
Xmas gift!