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The Warawood Shed

  • This item is no longer available. Please click here to view other items in my store.

The Warawood Shed

Expandable Jewellery Box made from Blackbutt and Victorian Ash.

The Expandable Jewellery Box is a set of stackable drawer modules which can be stacked on top of each other and lock together to form a single unit. No tools are required to stack the units together. The curved sides of the drawer unit, together with a small wooden pin at the back of each unit, are what keeps the units stacked securely, preventing them from sliding off each other.

The Expandable Jewellery Box has the advantage of easily being expanded when you run out of space. You can purchase additional drawers and just drop them in to increase your storage space. The additional drawer modules available are a small 2cm deep drawer and a larger 4cm deep drawer. Both of these modules are available in Jarrah or Blackbutt. This allows you to mix and match colours and drawer sizes to suit your taste.

The Expandable Jewellery Box is made entirely out of three Australian timbers - Jarrah, Blackbutt, and Victorian Ash.

The jewellery box in this listing is comprised of three different units, so you get a base unit which can only be used to stack other units on top of it, a middle stackable drawer, and a top unit which cannot have anything else stacked on top of it. This jewellery box is hand crafted from Blackbutt with a Victorian Ash interior.

The top and middle drawers each come with a set of removable dividers. The divider in the top drawer has 15 compartments while the one in the middle drawer has 12 compartments. The bottom drawer is deeper and has no compartments giving you the option to store larger items.

The entire box was sanded until silky smooth to the touch and then finished with a wipe-on polyurethane to help bring out the beautiful colours while also protecting the wood.

With this jewellery box you have the freedom to easily upgrade and add more units as your jewellery collection grows. These boxes also showcase some of Australia's finest timbers and would make a great gift for anyone who appreciates this natural resource.

Note: Natural timbers can sometimes have small defects such as insect holes and knots and variation in colour, and this is something which is mostly unavoidable so there is a chance that some of the drawer units might have such defects. This does not cause any issues to the structure of the unit.

- Outside Dimensions: 30cm by 20cm by 22cm high.
- Shallow Drawer (top and middle drawers) Inside Dimensions: 24cm by 16cm by 2cm deep.
- Deep Drawer (bottom drawer) Inside Dimensions: 24cm by 16cm by 4cm deep.

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