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Unique lampshade with heather blue flower fabric and glacial blue beaded trim.

Price ($AUD): $50.00


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Blue lampshade handmade using high quality materials such as blue stretch flowered fabric, calico lining, recycled frame, midnight blue gimp braid and glacial blue beaded trim.

Conical shaped beaded and flowered lampshade.

Adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty to any room you place it in.

Sent to you in a secure padded box, bubble wrapped and marked fragile.

This is for a tabletop lampshade base or floor lampshade base.

Recommended is a LED or energy saving bulb.


Across the top15cm

Top around 55cm

Base around 131cm

Base across 40cm

Length including beads 37cm.

Cleaning recommendations-

Air trained onto a shade can rid it of dirt and debris. After removing the shade from the lamp base, plug in a hair dryer and train it on the lampshade to blow away the dust as you rotate the shade.

If you’re already vacuuming your floor , keep the attachments handy and use the soft brush attachment to vacuum down the shade carefully, the force of the suction will lift away most dirt and debris.

Postage & Handling

Within Australia




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Price ($AUD): $50.00


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