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Store Search Results

Handmade by RKL

All natural; environment friendly; cold process; all olive oil soaps and beeswax based lotion bars with a bit of our garden.

13 items
  • Soleseife or Brine-water Soap with Oat's Milk and Himalayan Pink Salt (4 bars)
  • Rose Soap, 120g per bar (in box)
  • Pure Olive Oil  Soap 5 x 80 +/- 10g per bar (scented and unscented)
  • Lotion Bar in tin 40g ( rose or calendula chamomile lavender)
  • Calendula Balm
  • Skin Care Gift Pack (bath soak, olive oil soap, lip balm, face oil & lotion bar)
  • Aleppo Style Soap - 2x190 +/-10g per bar
with 30% laurel berry oil
  • Salt Bar Soap with Pink Himalayan Salt and Oat's Milk ( 1x 100g each) -
  • All Natural Lip Balm 1x5g tube (beeswax based)

Ziel Essence

Ziel Essence soulfully hand crafts small batch Natural Skincare & Aromatherapy for the modern day hippy. All of our products contain 100% pure premium quality essential oils for both their scent and therapeutic benefits.

38 items
  • Mojito Foot Soak
  • Blissful & Dreamy Bath Therapy
  • Winter Wellness Bundle
  • Unwind & Rejuvenate Bath Therapy Teabag
  • Lavender & Eucalyptus Body Scrub
  • Muscle & Joint Recovery Bathe Therapy
  • Sinus Relief Aroma Inhaler
  • Lime & Coconut Natural Body Scrub
  • Aromatherapy Clay Pendant Diffuser - Jute Strap


A wide range off candles at affordable prices soy wax ,palm wax,bee wax, gel wax and crafts

9 items
  • Soywax  melts mini cupcakes x2
  • soy wax candle white lotus flower
  • Scoopable soywax melt
  • soywax melts strawberry & vanilla x 1
  • soy wax melts gift box
  • Mini soaps x 4  palm free 
glow in the dark
  • Lotus flower soy wax wood wick candle
  • Scoopable soy wax
  • soy wax crumble x 1

Nina's Bees

All natural beeswax skin care products made with love, beeswax and honey from my apiary in the Blue Mountains.

4 items
  • All Natural Beeswax Balm for Hard Working Hands
  • Baby Barrier Balm with Beeswax and Calendula. Organic Ingredients.
  • All Natural Aches & Pains Beeswax Balm
  • Mother's Day Gift Set: Oats & Honey Soap + Bath Bomb of your choice + Lip Balm

Atiyah Oils

Atiyah Oils range of natural body and skincare products are formulated and hand crafted by two mums who were looking for natural alternatives for their children, families and friends.

3 items
  • Edible Body Massage Oils
  • Flavour Blends Massage Oils
  • Lip Jels Various Flavours

Scentual Alchemy

Vegan, Organic, Small-batch body and soul care for low maintenance humans.

11 items
  • Fixation Oil Blend
  • Rise N' Shine No-Rinse Cleanser
  • Venus Essence Oil Blend
  • Incense with Attitude
  • Moonglow Overnight Hair Serum
  • Platinum Hormone Balancing Mist
  • Sea Salt Hairspray
  • Begin Again Smudge Spray
  • Sunny Side Up Protecting Face Serum


A passion for natural, organic skincare, a love of artisan soap, & 3 daughters who share these ideals, has led to the creation of Bath Body Bliss. ~ fresh, handmade & natural ~ Bliss for your Body ~

16 items
  • Organic Coffee Body Scrub, resealable 50g travel pouch.
  • 7 pieces Mini Single Use Soaps ~Holiday Soaps ~ Choice of Soap Type
  • Cinnamon & Almond Handmade Soap
  • 1 piece Mini Single Use Soap Slice ~ Overnight Soap ~ Choice of Soap Type
  • Tub Tea Bath Soak Salts with Lavender & Chamomile.
  • Creamy Goatsmilk Lavender Soap
  • Oats, Goats & Bees Soap (Oatmeal, Milk & Honey)
  • Poppyseed & Orange Handmade Soap
  • Blue Agave & Cacao ~ Vegan Coconut Milk Soap

Building Blessings

Hand-crocheted items for babies and children in modern, vintage and retro styles. Perfect for baby showers, photo props, special events and gifts. All items are washed prior to posting to protect your precious ones from chemicals.

63 items
  • crochet infinity scarf | multicolour pastel pink aqua blue white | 2 - 8+ years
  • Make up remover, baby wash cloth, scrubbies, face washer | baby shower gift
  • baby girl | crochet beanie | pink with white bunny | gift | newborn - 6 months
  • crochet cowl | multicolour watermelon, green, blue, white | baby - 10+ years
  • crochet baby beanie | bright blue | baby shower gift | newborn - 6+ months
  • pink daisy blanket, heirloom, wedding, baptism, christening, princess, baby gift
  • crochet bunting | flag garland | baby shower | nursery | gift | white pink blue
  • Chevron baby blanket | boy | grey, azure blue, sky blue | gift | baby shower
  • baby girl crochet headband | white with rose | gift | 9 months - 5+ years

Sasha`s Gifts and Crafts

Welcome to Sashas Gifts and Crafts and thank you for looking at my store www.facebook.com/sashasgiftsandcraftstore

90 items
  • Set of 2 Hand Towels Blackwork Design
  • Hand Towel Believe Design
  • Personalised Hand Towel Golf Design name added for free

My Lily Earth

A range of natural and organic Skincare as well as a selection of bath products...

10 items
  • Herbal Facial Steam
  •  Organic Orange Peel Powder Face Mask
  • Coconut Milk Bath Salts with Essential Oils
  • Botanical Tea Party ""BATH TEA""
  •  Natural Activated Charcoal Mask + green clay
  •  Organic Rose + Oatmeal Mask
  • Seaweed and Charcoal mask
  • Pink chocolate Clay face Mask
  • HIS activated charcoal facial mask for men

Palm Tribe

Carefully Hand selected bohemian clothing and accessories for a relaxed, island vibe lifestyle.... Hand made skin care designed to nourish and uplift, without all the unnecessary chemicals.... www.palmtribeonline.com

7 items
  • palm tribe | lush body oil
  • palm tribe | yucca root foamy cleanser
  • palm tribe | acai moisturiser
  • palm tribe | wild wattleseed exfoliant
  • palm tribe | super smooth body polish
  • palm tribe | island vibes bubbly bath
  • palm tribe | pure classic balm


TigsTogs - Hand knitted beanies and scarves . Crocheted bags , cardigans and face washers . Pdf patterns @tigstogs on Instagram

79 items
  • May Scarf knitting pattern
  • Cardigan size 2 crochet cardigan girl's Spring Summer gift child's jacket
  • Audrey Cowl crochet kit
  • Rose Ribbed Scarf with button
  • Pom pom garter stitch beanie
  • Bec long winter scarf
  • Pixie hood
  • Audrey crochet cowl
  • Scarf long winter scarves women's men's accessories knitted scarf

Purehaven Naturals

PureHaven Naturals­čî┐ is a pure, natural range of vegan skincare, soap and bath products. Handmade and hand-blended from scratch using pure ingredients sourced from plants, earth, and sea.

10 items
  • Hair Treatment Oil. Scalp Oil. Pepperment + Rosemary Essential Oils
  • Skincare Gift Set. Face Oil Serum, Exfoliating Grains, Face Neck Bust Balm
  • Whipped Body Butter Cream. Pure Plant-Based Ingredients. Vegan. 100g
  • Bath Salts Gift Set. All Natural Skin Pampering Ingredients. 4 Test tube.
  • Face Oil. Face Serum. Plant-Based. Vegan Natural
  • Body Skincare Treatment Gift set. Bath/Body Oil, Body Balm. Coconut Milk Soak
  • Bath Salts + Body Butter Gift Set. Botanical Detox Salts + Whipped Body Butter
  • Coconut Milk Bath Soak- Rose. Luxurious, Pampering, Gentle Exfoliating
  • Rose Bath Body Gift. Body + Massage Oil. Rose Bath Melts. Rose + Coconut Milk

Azil Products

I create Healthy, Safe and Beneficial FOOD FOR YOUR BODY...with no harsh chemicals! My skin & hair care products are HANDMADE, NATURAL and feel AMAZING...you just have to try them for yourself!

22 items
  • Cleansing SOAP BAR
  • Azil's TIN Candles
  • Revitalising RAW SUGAR BODY SCRUB
  • Azil's VOTIVE Candles
  • Healing SALVES
  • Azil's APHRODITE Gift Pack
  • Invigorating SHAMPOO
  • Soothing MASSAGE OIL
  • Shampoo & Conditioner COMBO