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Store Search Results

Bushwalk Candles

Beeswax candles that embrace Australian heritage and keep the bush scents and stories alive in our hearts.

24 items
  • Fruit Damper - Beeswax - Bush Tin Candle
  • Bush Oil Melts - Beeswax - Wax Melts - Native Australian Essential Oils
  • Lemon Myrtle - Beeswax - Bush Tin Candle
  • Anise Myrtle Scrub - Foot Scrub - Salt Scrub - Essential Oils
  • Mozzie Bites - Beeswax Wax Melts - Essential Oils
  • Bushwalk Candles - Gift Voucher - $30.00
  • Christmas Stars - Cinnamon & Lemon Myrtle - Beeswax Melts
  • Bush Tea Lights - Beeswax - Tea Lights
  • EXPLORER - Beeswax - Bush Tin Candle - Gift Pack

Ziel Essence

Ziel Essence soulfully hand crafts small batch Natural Skincare & Aromatherapy for the modern day hippy. All of our products contain 100% pure premium quality essential oils for both their scent and therapeutic benefits.

51 items
  • Body Scrub Sample Pack
  • Body Scrub Sample Pack
  • Body Scrub Sample Pack
  • Winter Relief Aroma Balm
  • Organic Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Sleepy Me Aromatherapy Blend
  • Mandarin Australian Essential Oil
  • Aromatherapy Clay Pendant Diffuser - Jute Strap
  • Winter Balm & Inhaler Pack

The Laminated Cotton Shop

Thankyou for visiting! Laminated cotton homewares and gifts. Our products are waterproof, machine washable and tough. FREE POSTAGE Anywhere in Australia.

14 items
  • Ladybird Coin Pouch/ Coin Purse with keyring and clip waterproof and washable
  • Black Ink Adult Size Shower Cap one size fits most
  • Toothbrush Travel Bag waterproof and washable black and white polka dots.
  • Ladybirds Chalkboard Blackboard Placemat, Travel Chalkmat Kids Placemat Toy
  • Toothbrush Travel Bag waterproof and washable blue and white geometric print
  • Black Ink Coin Pouch with keyring and clip waterproof and washable
  • Linen Daisy print Women's luxury Shower Cap
  • Sea Whales Chalkboard Blackboard Placemat, Travel Chalkmat Kids Placemat Toy
  • Pink Owls Chalkboard Blackboard Placemat, Travel Chalkmat Kids Placemat Toy

Handmade by RKL

All natural; environment friendly; cold process; all olive oil soaps,and beeswax based lotion bars with a bit of our garden.

15 items
  • 1x Terracota Air Dried Clay Diffuser with 5ml Essential Oil Blend in Muslin Bag
  • Lotion Bar in tin 40g ( rose or calendula chamomile lavender)
  • Skin Care Gift Pack (bath soak, olive oil soap, lip balm, face oil & lotion bar)
  • Bath Tea/Soak 1x 350g ( Soothing Bath Tea, Lavender & Oats and  Rose & Oats )
  • Felted Natural Soap 3x75 g - unscented
  • Rose Soap Trio (Pure Olive Oil) - Rose Tangerine, Charcoal Rose & Rose with Oats
  • All Natural Lip Balm 1x5g tube (beeswax based)
  • Soleseife or Brine-water w/ Oat's Milk and Himalayan Pink Salt (Soap pack))
  • Face Oil 10g in amber glass dropper bottle

Charlotte's Lab

Handcrafted, small batch skin care, body, bath & hair products.

41 items
  • Perfecting Potion Face Moisturiser 50ml - Anitaging Face Cream  with Niacinamide
  • Nighttime Nourish Face Moisturiser 50ml - Anitaging Night Cream
  • Mattify Me Moisturiser for oily/combination skin - 50ml, oil free
  • Aloe & Cucumber Bubble Bar - solid bubble bath
  • Little Treats Gift Box - Cute gift pack with bubble bar, face mask + lips
  • 2 in 1 Moisturising Body Scrub 250ml Sugar Scrub
  • Rainbow Sherbet Bubble Bar - solid bubble bath
  • Handmade Body Butter 250ml - with shea, cocoa butter and coconut oil
  • Shower Jelly - jelly soap bath jelly - marshmallow or aloe & cucumber

Handmaiden Natural Skincare

Handcrafted skincare, made fresh to order, using natural ingredients including botanical oils, pure essential oils and powerful extracts. Working with your skin to reveal your radiant looking self.

22 items
  • 100 ml Luxurious Body Cream
Rose Geranium
  • 100ml Luxurious Body Cream
Rosemary and Geranium
  • 250ml Extra Love Body Cream
French Lavender
  • The Pamper Gift Box
  • 250ml Luxurious Body Cream
Ylang-ylang and Grapefruit
  • 100ml Rich Hand and Foot Cream 
Peppermint and Lavender
  • 100 ml Daily Face Cream (Moisturiser) Lavender, Rose & Frankincense
  • 10 ml Rosehip, Argan and Sandalwood Face Oil
  • 100ml Luxurious Body Cream
French Lavender


A wide range off candles at affordable prices soy wax , gel wax , Glycerin soap and bath bomb

14 items
  • Halloween soywax  melts
  • Halloween glycerin soap
  • Gel wax tealights  x 6 candles
  • tulip Glycerin soap  PINK 
  • Bath bomb skull 170g
  • pumpkin soy wax candle
  • Halloween glow in the dark soap Glycerin palm free
  • Tulip Glycerin soap yellow 
  • Soy wax tart melts x 4


Proudly Handmade in Australia Homewares, Accessories and Clothing

12 items
  • Cornflower Lavender Pillows - Set of 2 - Lavender Sachets - Mother's Day Gift
  • Eye Pillow, Lavender and Flax Seed Eye Pillow - Moody Blues Indigo Bird
  • Eye Pillow, Lavender and Flax Seed, Peacock Feather Scented Gift Relaxation Yoga
  • Lavender Sachets - Set of 2 - Panier de Fleurs - Fall Autumn Colours
  • Eye Pillow, Lavender and Flax Seed Eye Pillow - Moody Blues Butterflies Scented
  • Lavender Sachets - Set of 3 - Printed Linen Hearts and Dots
  • Lavender Sachets - Set of 3 Lavender Sachets - Panier de Fleurs
  • Lavender Sachets Mixed Designs - Set of 3 - Drawer Sachet Aromatherapy
  • Set of 3 Lavender Sachets - Linen and Lace - Minimal Classic

Building Blessings

Hand-crocheted items for babies and children in modern, vintage and retro styles. Perfect for baby showers, photo props, special events and gifts. All items are washed prior to posting to protect your precious little ones from chemicals.

59 items
  • baby girl crochet headband | tan with tan flower | gift | 3 - 9 months
  • Flower garland | crochet bunting | nursery, baby shower gift, party decor
  • crochet girl headband | bright pink & flower| gift | toddler | baby 3-18 months
  • crochet infinity scarf | unisex | bright blue baby shower gift 3 months - 2+ yrs
  • crochet cowl | mauve | baby shower gift | birthday gift | baby - 10+ years
  • Chevron baby blanket | boy | grey, azure blue, sky blue | gift | baby shower
  • baby girl | crochet beanie | pink with white bunny | gift | newborn - 6 months
  • baby girl | crochet headband | mauve with white flower | gift | 3 - 12 months
  • crochet baby beanie | bright blue | baby shower gift | newborn - 6+ months

Living The Dream Hamo

Beautiful scented Mosquito Repellent in cream, candles and melts for oil burners/diffuser's. 🍃🐝🌴. Seller of handmade bags and others.👛 Email: livinghamo@bigpond.com

7 items
  • 1 x Large Soy Wax Candle 
Mosquito Repellent
Citronella Deet free
  • 1 x Single Spa Cup Candle 
Mosquito Repellent
Citronella Deet free
  • 125ml Tubed Body Lotion 
Mosquito/Sandfly Repellent
  • 6 Pack Soy Wax Spa Cup Candles
Mosquito Repellent
Citronella Deet Free
  • 6 cubes pack of Soy/Wax Melts 
Repellent. For Electric or oil burner Diffuser's
  • 20ml Body Lotion 
Mosquito/Sandfly Repellent
  • 250ml Tubed Body Lotion 
Mosquito/Sandfly Repellent


A passion for natural, organic skincare, a love of artisan soap, & 3 daughters who share these ideals, has led to the creation of Bath Body Bliss. ~ fresh, handmade & natural ~ Bliss for your Body ~

18 items
  • 7 pieces Mini Single Use Soaps ~Holiday Soaps ~ Choice of Soap Type
  • Organic Coffee Body Scrub, resealable 50g travel pouch.
  • Poppyseed & Orange Handmade Soap
  • Creamy Goatsmilk Lavender Soap
  • Oats, Goats & Bees Soap (Oatmeal, Milk & Honey)
  • Goats Milk & Oatmeal Artisan Soap, with Lavender & Patchouli
  • Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Soap ~ 100% Natural ~ Fragrance Free
  • Pink Clay & Lemongrass Soap
  • Cinnamon & Almond Handmade Soap