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Store Search Results

Dog's Breakfast Pet Food

Homemade pet food from the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney using human grade ingredients including free range & organic sourced locally whenever possible & when in season. You can also find us on Facebook & Instagram!

12 items
  • Barkotti (Dog Biscotti) 75g
  • DIY Dog Cookie Mix in Carob 100g Nett
  • Superstars 100g
  • Mutt Muesli 125g
  • Gift Wrapping - extra $1 per order
  • Chicken, Sage & Chia Biscuits 100g
  • Personalised Cookies - Extra $1.00 per order
  • I Heart You Cookies 100g
  • Mints For Mutts 100g

My Message of Love

Handmade personalised and one of a kind Cards, Gift Cards, Gift Bags, Gift Card Holders and more.

17 items
  • Father's Day card
  • 3. Pet Sympathy Card
  • 1. Baby Girl card.
  • 3. A New Fur Baby to Love
  • 1. Happy Birthday Sister in law
  • Father's Day card and matching Gift Card Holder.  15x15cm with a white envelope.
  • Father's Day Cards
  • 1. New Baby Sister Card
  • 2. Pet Sympathy Card

Ingrid's Haven

Ingrid's Haven is a non-profit cat shelter in Victoria. All the cats and kittens come from death row at the pound, rescued and cared for by Ingrid until new loving homes can be found.

62 items
  • Cat Pot Holder Pink Trim
  • Polka Dot Cotton Cat Purse (small)
  • Cat Wall Art
  • Sharon's Air Prey Cat Toy
  • Deb's Cotton Cat Dolls
  • Deb's Babushka Cats
  • Mary Rowan's Painted Gift Cards
  • Cat Pattern Scarf
  • Mary Rowan's Painted Gift Cards

Freckles craft

WELCOME TO FRECKLES CRAFT Hand made IS WHAT WE ARE. All items for sale in my store is all Hand made by me and there has been many hours spent making each item by hand.

2 items
  • Guinea pig donut beds
  • Guinea pig bed


All for the love of my rescue furries.

2 items
  • Catnip Squishypuffs

az pictured

Photographer with a creative streak and a penchant for digital art.

34 items
  • A4 print 'ACT' 
in green and gold
  • A4 print 'WA' 
in gold and black
  • A4 print 'Queensland' 
in maroon
  • King Charles Silhouette on pink background with text
  • A4 print 'Australia' 
green and gold
  • Gift Voucher 
  • Airedale Silhouette on yellow background with text
  • Gift Voucher 
  • A4 print 'Victoria' 
in blue

Waggie Work Shop

Hello my name is Sharyn and I am a maker & artist living on the East Coast of Tasmania. All my life I have loved making & creating all kinds of items using all kinds of materials.

8 items
  • Hand Stamped Personalized Custom Aluminium Pet Tag - Dog Cat Pet ID 25mm Round
  • Hand Stamped Personalized Custom Aluminium Pet Tag - Dog Pet ID 40mm Round
  • Hand Stamped Personalized Custom Dog Bone Pet ID Tag Custom Aluminium or Brass
  • Hand Stamped Personalized Custom Copper Pet Tag - Dog Cat Pet ID 30mm Round
  • Hand Stamped Personalized Custom Brass Pet Tag - Dog Cat Pet ID 30mm Round
  • Hand Stamped Personalized Custom Brass Pet Tag - Dog Cat Pet ID 25mm Round
  • Hand Stamped Personalized Custom Copper Pet Tag - Dog Pet ID 25mm Round
  • Hand Stamped Personalized Custom Solid Aluminium Bar Pet Tag Dog Tag


Handmade embroidered items, soft toys and more. Unique beautiful custom made buntings.

12 items
  • Spiderman fabric luggage tag.
  • Mickey mouse fabric luggage tags.
  • Embroidered reversible dog bandanas.
  • Anna -frozen fabric luggage tag.
  • Embroidered reversible dog bandanas.
  • Beautiful unique custom made buntings
  • Bright citrus luggage tag
  • Owl soft toy
  • Embroidered reversible dog bandanas.

Lola Marleys

handmade homewares and dog accessories.

14 items
  • Henry alexander, cowboy cushion cover. Pin up cushion cover, 18" cushion. Pin up
  • Henry alexander cowgirl cushion cover, cowgirl print, henry alexander cushion co
  • Unicorn and Rainbow cushion, rainbow decor, Unicorn decor, Unicorn print,
  • Pug cushion, Pug Decor, Pug print, 18" cushion
  • flamingo cushion, flamingo print cushion cover, palm leaf decor, flamingo decor
  • Henry Alexander Hawaiian cushion cover, Hawaiian pin ups print,
  • Zebra print cushion cover, bright watercolour print zebras.
  • Dog bandan, pet bandana, medium bandana, cactus bandana, collar bandana.
  • Boho cushion, boho decor, boho european pillow, boho style, boho furnishing.

Colourful Cavy Comfort

Guinea pig beds and tunnels featuring colourful designs with your cavy's comfort in mind

1 items
  • Guinea Pig Snuggle Sack Bed - Pink Flowers