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Editor's Picks

New Items

Personalised stainless steel cufflinks - Fathers Day gift for Dad, husband
Distinctive silver earrings with bright mulit-coloured swirling pattern beads.
Decorative silver earrings with azure blue glass lampwork beads.
Unique silver beaded statement ring with robin egg blue turquoise gemstone.
Precious silver statement ring with blood red turquoise bead.
Fashionable silver necklace with large filigree patterned heart charm.
Gorgeous double beaded chain necklace with emerald green beads.
Fancy silver bracelet with black and white patterned checkerboard beads.
Vintage inspired antique bronze earrings with antique bronze roses. flowers.
Unique silver diamond earrings with glacial blue beads.
Elegant minimilistic silver earrings with blood red cloisonné beads.
Stylish minimilistic sterling silver earrings with apple green and gold beads.
Gorgeous bold beaded necklace with Prussian blue ceramic leaf charm.
Gorgeous silver bangle with mint green flower and bluegrass green beads.
Whimsical silver charm bracelet with a pansy purple winged fairy.
One of a kind novel silver bracelet with an owl charm that says "wise"
Vintage inspired antique bronze necklace with key watch charm.
Fancy silver earrings with frost blue patterned beads and frost blue flower bead